Awards and Recognition

OHS Students of the Month

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Oakridge High School honors our students each month for their behavior, citizenship, academics, and attendance. These students represent Oakridge High School and our community. Their efforts are endless and accomplishments are noticed.  These students are awarded a certificate from the nominating staff and principal. 

Congratulations to the November Students of the Month:

Freshman: Kylee Willea

Sophomore: Ahria Doornbos

Junior: Dylan Baxter

Senior: Izzy Owens-Glassford


Eagles Pride Winners

Students are awarded "Eagle Pride Tickets" for positive behaviors here at OHS for themonth of December.

Tickets will be given to students who have: Respectful Behavior Expectations in the Classroom, Listen Attentively, Encourage and Support Others and Use Positive Supportive Language.

Each morning, 2-4 names will be drawn for prizes as follows:

  • Fast Passes for Lunch (allows the student to go to the front of the line).
  • Extra Bathroom Pass (so they don’t have to use one of their 3 passes)
  • Free Cookie from the lunch line
  • Free Tardy Pass - to be used if a student is tardy (up to 5 min) to class.