Our District

Our District

Look Different Around Here?

The community of Oakridge Public Schools exists to prepare every student, within a safe and healthy environment, with a globally competitive education focused on college preparation, workplace success, and lifelong learning.

Sound familiar? That’s our mission statement. It clearly states why we exist, drives district efforts toward being our best, and we stand by it. It was updated 2 years ago after staff and community input during the development of the Eagle Strategic Plan. This past year, we realized that in order to encourage our students to be the best they can be, we had to model this in how we represent ourselves as an organization.

One way to do this is with our website, logo and brand. A primary influence in this effort was to avoid a dramatic increase in cost from our prior website vendor. We decided it made sense to switch vendors and put this effort in the hands of an Oakridge alumnus who understood our community. Don Kalisz, class of 1995, is a partner at Revel, a growing award winning marketing firm based in downtown Muskegon. He wisely advised it was essential that the website align with our mission, reflect community values, and visually represent a unified ‘brand’ that distinguishes Oakridge from other schools. Input from a lot of people was essential for this to occur. So, we surveyed students (over half of respondents were students), staff, parents, and community and received almost 450 responses describing how they felt about what sets Oakridge apart from other schools and how they felt about our schools and community. A 30+ person strong advisory group representing students, employees, coaches, parents, senior citizens, parent group leaders, alumni, and retirees reviewed the feedback with Mr. Kalisz. It is no surprise that the results showed that Eagle Nation is all about family, community, tradition, pride, and unity.

Creating a unified brand was not an easy task given the strong Eagle pride throughout the community. Multiple meetings and designs were reviewed and modified that resulted in what you are now experiencing with this new look for the Echoes Newsletter and new website at www.oakridgeschools.org. You will see this new unified look throughout the district and community as apparel, signage, letterhead, and other things requiring a logo wear out or are replaced. We’re confident that the final website and brand honors tradition and will inspire pride for many years to come.

Having said all that, our brand is much more than how our logo, website, or newsletters look. It’s about the “Oakridge Experience” that we are fortunate to enjoy each day, from the way you are greeted in the district to the quality programs kids and families love. It is about good people doing good things! These are not new feelings at Oakridge, but, we now have a new website and an official Oakridge Eagle that represents our unified feelings about our excellent schools and community.

Oakridge pride!
Tom Livezey