Strategic Plan 2.0

Eagle Strategic Plan 2.0

The Oakridge Public Schools Board of Education conducted a strategic planning process in early 2018. Acknowledging the changing local, regional, and global realities faced by graduates, the board wanted to review its vision and mission statements, as well as update district goals.  The final version was approved by the Board in June 2018 with the intent of providing focus and priorities for the next 3-5 years.

The board established 10 Target Goals (see below) intended to drive the district towards its vision. These goals, while broad in nature, provide the district a framework for choosing shorter term goals, objectives, strategies and activities. The board-established goals are necessarily lofty and forward thinking and will require significant input from all district stakeholders to shape the day-to-day decisions and actions that will facilitate movement toward the vision. 

While they will still require additional review, input and discussion, the board also originally identified 31 Key Strategies, aligned to the Target Goals, for initial consideration.  

The District Target Goals are formatted in two ways in this report. The first is a simple grouping by functional area and draws from the groupings used in the last strategic plan, though those groupings have been streamlined. The board was also asked, however, to consider the potential impact of each goal on achieving the vision as well as the goal’s potential impact on district resources. Resources were defined as time, money, culture, and current competencies of staff. When considered and sorted this way, it’s easier to see which goals will require additional planning and implementation time as well as their strategic importance in realizing the vision.

It will be the Board and Superintendent’s role to develop scorecards aligned to our key pillars to monitor effectiveness annually and support the superintendent in executing the strategic plan through the lens of the Nine Principles of Organizational Excellence(R).

It will be the administration's responsibility, in partnership with employees and other stakeholders, to develop the aligned annual activities to accomplish the goals and advise on strategies.


Through partnerships, with pride, and in a safe and healthy environment, Oakridge offers diverse, personalized, and innovative curricular and extracurricular opportunities for students to build exceptional personal, life, and employability skills.



All Oakridge students graduate prepared for their future, equipped with the knowledge and life skills to lead healthy and productive lives, achieving personal and career success.


District Goals

Teaching & Learning

  • Individualize/personalize an engaging educational experience based on students’ unique needs and talents, at students’ own pace and readiness
  • Expand curricular and extracurricular opportunities for all students
  • Develop comprehensive systems of support and intervention for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), trauma, and behavior-related challenges
  • Invest in our staff’s success by providing fair, timely, and growth-focused feedback and evaluations

Communication & Culture

  • Consistently and formally recognize success, achievements, and contributions of students, all staff, families, senior citizens, partners, and community members
  • Equip parents with the tools to directly impact their children’s learning
  • Explore and expand community partnerships and opportunities for community members to engage in our schools and programs
  • Improve staff and community understanding of the district’s work by developing and implementing a comprehensive communication plan

Finance & Operations

  • Stabilize and fortify the district’s financial health
  • Keep students and staff safe in facilities that are of proper quality, security, and capacity