ESSER Learning Loss Plan

Return to School Safely Plan

The Oakridge Public Schools’ Return to School Safely Plan is publicly available at

Learning Loss Plan

Oakridge Public Schools is committed to improving the learning of students that was negatively impacted by  lost instructional time during the pandemic. We recognize that recovering that learning will require a researched-based approach to  increasing learning time and improving learning experiences.  We appreciate the meaningful engagement of our community, staff, and students during our focus group sessions as we developed our Eagle Strategic Plan 3.0.  This involvement produced the following priorities for the use of these ARP/ESSER funds: 

  1. Provide a ‘guaranteed and viable curriculum’ (research of Dr. Robert Marzano) through the purchase of  quality instructional/social-emotional materials that are aligned with Michigan Academic and Social Emotional Learning Standards  and supported with technology-based resources. 
  2. Expand support, participation, and resources for extracurricular and elective course experiences. 
  3. Provide additional student learning experiences during the summer, after school, and in-school. 
  4. Provide resources for student academic/behavioral interventions and accommodations. 
  5. Provide assessments for progress monitoring. 
  6. Improve student behavior and mental health through increased focus/resources toward improving health,  wellness, and fitness 
  7. Provide professional staff development opportunities to improve the fidelity of implementation of the above  action steps. 
  8. Expand technology resources for the classroom 
  9. Support educators and staff stability and well-being. 
  10. Engage parents in meaningful involvement during our District Continuous Improvement Team  protocols through surveys, conferences, and strategic planning focus groups.

Monitoring Plan

Oakridge Public Schools has a robust strategic plan with a strong monitoring system called our “Five Pillars  Scorecards”.  Each pillar contains aligned key target indicators to monitor the progress  of our Eagle Strategic Plan 3.0 providing us a well-rounded understanding of the progress of the district. The Whole Child Experience - Pillar Scorecards disaggregate data on the progress of key indicators to ensure the success of all  students. Given that our strategies are foundational researched-based approaches to school improvement, utilizing this already established practice is most logical to monitor effectiveness of our ESSER funded investments.

Spending Plan

The following list includes the Federally required reportable categories that Oakridge has spent ESSER funds as of March 14, 2024:

  • Purchase of Educational Technology for Students Served by LEA    - $228,364.00
  • Providing Mental Health Services and Supports - $118,133.00
  • Planning & Implementing Activities Related to Summer Learning/Supplemental Afterschool Programs - $256,265.00
  • Other Activities Necessary to Maintain the Operation/Continuity of Services in the LEA - $752,240.00
  • Addressing Learning Loss Among Students - $67,202.00
  • Administering and Using High-Quality Assessments - $96,913.00
  • Implementing Evidence Based Activities - $1,285,373.00
  • Monitor Student Academic Progress to Identify Students Who Need More Help - $20,221.00
  • Upgrade Projects to Improve the Indoor Air Quality - $579,116.00