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The State of Michigan, under Section 21f of the State School Aid Act, has launched the choice for parents to request that their student(s), in grades 6-12, be enrolled in no more than two (2) online courses in place of a currently scheduled trimester/semester.  Enrollment in online courses under Section 21f cannot result in a course load that exceeds a full-time schedulReady for Online Learning?

Oakridge supports online learning, and as a district, we pride ourselves on forward movement on innovative uses of technology to support learning.  Our solid history of meaningful and deep learning that takes place across the district with highly qualified Oakridge teachers is noteworthy and impressive in terms of our student accomplishments.  However, we encourage parents to consider carefully if a 100% online course is ideal for their child given the fact that they will be forfeiting face-to face teacher classroom instruction and support.

If your student is interested in pursuing this opportunity, please follow the steps below.

  1. Determine if your child is ready for an online learning experience
  2.  Submit an online learning request for the program of choice provided below.  

Learning Models Comparison

online learning option comparison chart

Online Learning FAQ

Please check back often as this information is subject to change:

The Muskegon County Virtual Academy (MCVA) is a collaborative partnership between Muskegon Area ISD and Oakridge Public Schools (and other local districts) to provide a flexible online learning environment through the best practices of virtual learning and student support. MCVA seeks student academic, social, and emotional success in a fully virtual learning environment while the students are still enrolled at Oakridge.

MCVA will serve grades K-12 across Muskegon County.  However, Oakridge High School (grades 9-12) will also be continuing with the Oakridge Online Learning Academy (OOLA).  Some differences between MCVA and OOLA are also described below in other FAQs.

Students may enroll in MCVA (K-12) or OOLA (9-12) with the permission of their building principal or designee.  Parents can communicate their desire to participate in MCVA or OOLA by contacting the counseling or main office of the school their child is enrolled or completing the online learning request form.  If approved, building office staff will enroll the student into the MCVA or OOLA. Once enrolled, MCVA or OOLA staff will contact the family to complete the registration process.

Students are considered eligible to enroll in MCVA or OOLA if:

  • MCVA or OOLA is an appropriate placement, as determined by the school
  • Enrollment in MCVA or OOLA will not jeopardize the student’s ability to graduate on time.
  • The student has a skill set and learning habits which will support academic success in a fully virtual program, as determined by the school. 

Note: MCVA recognizes that Oakridge knows our students best and if we determine a student is eligible for MCVA, then enrollment will generally defer to our recommendation. However, MCVA reserves the right to clarify, question, or refuse for extraordinary circumstances.

MCVA and OOLA are expected to be semester-long commitments. MCVA will work with Oakridge staff to determine an appropriate placement and timeline for transition for that student. As a general rule, students will be transitioned at the end of a semester. However, MCVA will coordinate with Oakridge if there are extenuating circumstances that suggest a different timeline for transition.

MCVA is a full-time virtual program.

  • The daily schedule for K-5th grade students is 8:00-3:00 everyday. Students will have scheduled synchronous (live real-time) instruction times Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesdays will feature floating small group synchronous learning for targeted, differentiated instruction. Small group Wednesday sessions will be scheduled through the teacher, students, and parents.
  • The daily schedule for 6th-8th grade students is 8:00-3:00. Students will have scheduled synchronous (live real-time) instruction Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. There will be time each afternoon for the teacher to schedule small group synchronous learning for targeted, differentiated instruction. Wednesdays are scheduled as asynchronous learning days.
  • The daily schedule for 11th & 12th grade students is 8:00-3:00. There will be scheduled synchronous learning on Wednesdays. There will be time each afternoon for small group synchronous (live real-time) learning for targeted, differentiated instruction. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings will be asynchronous learning time.

OOLA is a full-time virtual program.

  • The daily schedule for grade 9-12 students in OOLA is flexible.  Students complete video based asynchronous recorded lessons.  But, students must have routine 2-way communication with their OOLA teachers.  Assessments are required to be completed in-person at school with their OOLA teacher

MCVA uses the Stride K12 curriculum. This tool was vetted by the curriculum consultants at MAISD. The decision to use Stride was based on some core questions:

  • Which online curriculum will best support student learning?
  • Which online curriculum best aligns with the Michigan state standards?

OOLA uses the Edgenuity curriculum.  This tool was vetted by Oakridge teachers.  The decision to use Edgenuity was also based on alignment to Michigan state standards and our familiarity with the software.

Yes. MCVA students will take their core classes (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies) with MCVA staff. Elective classes will be taught through Stride K12, the curriculum provider for MCVA.

No. MCVA is a full-time virtual program and does not enroll part-time students. This means that, as a general rule, MCVA students should complete their elective classes virtually. However, MCVA will work with Oakridge to make accommodations to this general rule when necessary. For example, MCVA would coordinate with Oakridge if a student wanted to take band in-person.  But, the parent would be responsible for transportation

MCVA uses Brightspace D2L as the Learning Management System (LMS). Brightspace fully integrates with Stride and will support synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Students should have the skills to be successful in an online program. Students should be able to:

  • Create and maintain a study schedule without face-to-face interaction of a teacher.
  • Self-advocate to seek help with a virtual setting.
  • Independently use study habits needed to complete an entire course online without direct supervision.
  • Read, write, and use math and computer literacy skills to succeed in a class that is completely online.

MCVA and OOLA understand that the list above can be challenging for some students. Oakridge will consider this list as general guidance, not a hard line, in making enrollment decisions. A student who needs to grow in one or two of the areas above may still be a candidate for MCVA or OOLA. However, a student who is far from mastery in all of the categories may not be ready for a fully virtual learning environment.

MCVA will use a three-step academic intervention plan:

  • Step 1: Parent phone call and email from MCVA staff to bring awareness of the concern and identify needed support. 
  • Step 2: A teacher, parent, student behavior contract will be developed to support student success. The plan will be reviewed weekly to determine if my child is becoming more successful. 
  • Step 3: The student will be dropped and MCVA will coordinate with Oakridge staff for the best path for the student. This may include a transfer to in-person instruction at Oakridge.

Oakridge students enrolled in MCVA and OOLA are allowed to participate in extracurriculars and graduation commencement. All questions regarding extracurricular experiences should be directed to Oakridge, not MCVA staff.

Oakridge may, as needed to support the operations of MCVA, disclose data and information with MCVA staff including student-identifying information, as defined by the Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), provided the disclosure is only made to those parties within MCVA who have a legitimate educational interest in that data.

Oakridge will be responsible for state assessments of our own students, and test scores (and other accountability data) will be attributed to Oakridge. Students enrolled in MCVA and OOLA will be required to attend their assigned Oakridge school in-person to complete required state assessments.

MCVA will work with Oakridge to support the communication and implementation of the school standardized testing plan.  MCVA and OOLA students must take standardized tests in person at Oakridge.

Oakridge will receive the per-pupil foundation allowance for its students enrolled in MCVA and OOLA.

Oakridge is responsible for all aspects of special education including oversight of IEP goals and implementation. The Oakridge special education director will provide the appropriate offer of FAPE and provide MCVA/OOLA teachers with specifics for implementing the IEP within the MCVA/OOLA online course. Oakridge is also responsible for any identified transportation, assistive technology, extended-year needs, or other areas required by IEP’s.

While Oakridge is responsible for the case management and oversight of IEPs and 504s as stated above, MCVA/OOLA teachers are responsible for the implementation of any and all accommodations.

Oakridge is responsible for 504 plans or other educational support plans for students. This is the same for 504 plans and any other educational plans. This includes all coordination of services for ELL, homeless, and/or foster care students.  Districts are also responsible for any identified transportation, assistive technology, extended-year needs, or other areas required by 504 plans, other various educational plans, or specific state and federal programs.

Oakridge is responsible for providing counseling services to our students who attend MCVA and OOLA.

Oakridge is responsible for developing and updating EDPs for MCVA and OOLA students.

MCVA and OOLA will approach student support with a MTSS framework. Staff will implement multi-tiered interventions to increase student academic success and provide positive behavior support.  Multi-tiered system of supports will be implemented in both MCVA and OOLA.

  1. Oakridge will provide devices to MCVA and OOLA students.
  2. Oakridge will provide connectivity, if needed in the home, to MCVA and OOLA students.
  3. MAISD will manage MCVA related technology support for MCVA students.  
  4. The Oakridge technology department will provide direct service to MCVA/OOLA students and devices.
  5. A dedicated phone number and email address will be provided for help desk support for students, parents and staff in MCVA and OOLA.

MCVA/OOLA staff will work collaboratively with Oakridge and the county truancy coordinator to address truancy issues for students enrolled in the program.

Students must adhere to the Oakridge student handbook and the code of conduct as well as that of the MCVA, if enrolled in MCVA.

Yes. The student handbook will be shared with MCVA students, parents, Oakridge, and posted on the Oakridge website.

A student may not participate in the MCVA during a time the student is suspended or expelled from Oakridge.  Students must adhere to the Oakridge district code of conduct as well as that of the MCVA. See the Oakridge and MCVA handbooks for more information.

MCVA will require each student and the student’s parent/guardian to sign a “Student Expectations” document. This document will communicate the expectations as well as the academic intervention process if the expectations are not met.

Oakridge graduation requirements are the same for all students including students participating in the MCVA and OOLA. Oakridge retains sole discretion to determine whether an eligible student participating in the MCVA/OOLA has satisfied the Oakridge graduation requirements. Only Oakridge may issue a diploma to a student participating in the MCVA/OOLA. 

Students participating in MCVA/OOLA must complete the academic semester with MCVA/OOLA. Students may choose to return to in-person instruction at Oakridge, with parent/guardian and school district approval, at the start of the next academic semester.

Yes. As a full-time Oakridge student, your child will receive a healthy, free breakfast and lunch each school day. Exact distribution details are still forthcoming, but meals will be available.