SchoolMessenger Chat

What is SchoolMessenger?

Routine communication of important information is a top priority at Oakridge Public Schools.  To that end, our PowerSchool SchoolMessenger system has expanded their suite of tools to help schools and parents partner together with better communication.   This system has 3 tools that Oakridge owns:

  • SchoolMessenger Communicate - This software sends broadcast email, text, and voice messages to parents.   Yes, this is what we use for snow day announcements.
  • SchoolMessenger SafeArrival - This software allows parents to efficiently communicate their children’s absences via an 800 phone number, phone app, or browser app.   See our SafeArrival webpage FAQ.
  • SchoolMessenger Chat - This is a classroom messaging software/app for teachers and parents to communicate more efficiently.  

SchoolMessenger Chat Official Release on Wednesday, May 1

However, we will have a soft launch with a small cohort of teachers the week of April 22 to ensure all settings are ready for full launch on May 1.

SchoolMessenger Chat Features

  • School and district notifications and broadcasts. 
  • Teachers and parents will be able to exchange all kinds of messages:   classroom, group updates, and 1:1 teacher-parent messaging, and activity alerts for each of their children attending Oakridge in one single app.
  • Teachers and parents will be able to review Chat messages on any device – smartphone, laptop, etc.
  • Teachers and parents will be able to Chat directly and benefit from automatic two-way translation, message threads, and the ability to share images, audio, and video.

Do you already use the SchoolMessenger App for SafeArrival absence reporting? 

  • You are all set!   SchoolMessenger Chat will appear in the smartphone app and browser app automatically.

Do you need the SchoolMessenger App for SafeArrival or Chat?

  • Go to to download it for your Apple or Android device
  • Or, go to to sign-up via the web-based version from your internet browser.    
  • In order to sign-up for SchoolMessenger, your email address must be registered with the school.   Your current email address and phone number must be on file with the school via Final Forms.  SchoolMessenger will NOT work unless the district has your email address on file.   It will require office staff to review/approve the Final Forms update then 24 hours for the change to populate SchoolMessenger before you can create your account.  This is a security protocol to protect your personal information and your child.
  • Note:  Parents of GSRP students do not use Final Forms.  You should contact your GSRP teacher to provide correct parent contact information.
  • Once you sign-up or login to SchoolMessenger, you will be able to use SafeArrival and Chat.

We look forward to communicating with parents regularly regarding your child!