OAITC - Tech Support

Oakridge technology support services is provided by the Ottawa Area Information Technology Consortium (OAITC).  Through a three county regional collaboration, it promotes and facilitates the effective and efficient use of technology for instruction and administration throughout the OAITC local school districts of Oakridge, Hamilton, Holland, Spring Lake, Saugatuck, West Michigan Academy of Arts and Academics, and the Ottawa Area ISD.

Chromebook/iPad Program

As part of our continuing effort to provide a modern education in our classroom  learning experiences, Oakridge Public Schools issues all students in grades 7-12 a District provided Chromebook to bring to all classes, and, allow them (pending parent permission) to take them back and forth from home/school.  Students in grades 2-6 have classroom Chromebook Carts with enough for every student.  Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade have classroom sets of iPads.

Additionally, this program provides access to digital content both at home and at school whenever needed. More specific uses will be determined and communicated by classroom teachers.

Chromebook Handbook

Parents and students must READ the Handbook prior to the student being issued a Chromebook. 

Chromebook Agreement

Parents and students must SIGN the Chromebook Agreement and RETURN to the high school or middle school office before accepting their assigned Chromebook.

Contact Technology Department

Please visit OAITC Website