Online Learning

Oakridge is excited to announce its partnership with the MAISD in an effort to provide a virtual school option to all Oakridge K-12 students. We are also announcing the continuation of OOLA for the second year for 9-12 students, meaning Oakridge High School students will have three options for how they attend school this year. All families wishing to attend virtually must register for school in two parts this year, similar to how registration worked for OOLA last year.

K-12 Students

We are excited to announce the Muskegon County Virtual Academy (MCVA). This county-wide collaborative program provides your child a virtual learning option while staying connected to Oakridge Public Schools. Check out this informational flyer and this video for more information and see the FAQ at the bottom of this page for specific questions related to MCVA. Students enrolled in MCVA remain Oakridge students and:

  • Can participate in Oakridge extra-curricular programs
  • Have access to chool-issued electronic learning devices (Chromebooks and iPads)
  • Retain use of school facilities
  • Have full access to the Oakridge Teen Health Center (students age 10-21)
  • Have free use of Oakridge counseling services (career & mental health)
  • Can participate in Muskegon Promise

9-12 Students

OOLA is returning for a second year for 9-12 students! High school parents looking to enroll their student(s) virtually this year have OOLA as an option, as well as the Muskegon County Virtual Academy - Yes, 9-12 students have their choice of virtual programs. OOLA affords students these benfits:

  • Competency-based advancement – Each student’s progress toward clearly defined goals is continually assessed. A student advances and earns credit as soon as he/she demonstrates mastery.
  • Flexible learning environments – Student needs drive the design of the learning environment. All operational elements—staffing plans, space utilization, and time allocation—respond and adapt to support students in achieving their goals.
  • Personal learning paths – All students are held to clear, high expectations, but each student follows a customized path that responds and adapts based on his/her individual learning progress, motivations, and goals.
  • Learner profiles – Each student has an up-to-date record of his/her individual strengths, needs, motivations, and goals.

Furthermore, since students participating in OOLA are still considered full-time Oakridge students, these students also still have access to the same benefits as traditional students, such as:

  • Oakridge extra-curricular programs
  • Full access to the Oakridge Teen Health Center
  • School-issued electronic learning devices (Chromebooks and iPads)
  • Use of school facilities
  • Free use of Oakridge counseling services (career & mental health)
  • Option to participate in the MAISD Career Tech Center
  • Muskegon Promise
  • Participation in Oakridge prom and graduation activities
  • Oakridge teacher-lead curriculum
  • Tutoring hours from Oakridge teachers
  • Utilizing Edgenuity, Michigan Virtual, and other curricula customized for each student

The Oakridge school district online programs provide many benefits compared to a 3rd party program

None of these benefits are available if families living in the Oakridge community choose a third-party virtual/online education program (aside from MCVA).