Show Up Campaign

A Special Place

The Oakridge Community is a special place. We look out for each other. Whether it’s in the community, on the field, court, or stage, we have a reputation for showing up – time and time again. We show up to make a difference and to help one another.

But, We Have a Crisis

Over a third of our kids were chronically absent during the 2022-23 school year.  On average, they were absent a quarter of the school year.  That's 665 kids that missed, on average, an entire marking period.  If repeated, they will miss 3 years of school over the K-12 experience!  This is a community crisis!  These kids are our future – our future workforce, our future community leaders, and our future families.   Thankfully, our students reduced their chronic absenteeism by 10% points to 24% during the 2023-24 school year.   That's 185 fewer kids chronically absent!   We can celebrate progress but we want to continue to improve.   Our goal for 2024-25 is to reduce it another 10% points to 14% of students chronically absent.

Kids need to be in school – not for us, but for themselves, for their friends, teammates, and family.   Their future success depends on Showing Up!  

Let’s come together as a community to change this. We need to Show Up for our kids so they can Show Up for our community now and in the future.

Goal:  Cut Chronic Absenteeism in Half!

Show Up Goal Bar Graph

Show Up Campaign

We aren't looking for perfect get sick occasionally, of course.  We are looking for progress.  When we know better, we do better!  It is an undeniable fact that kids who Show Up to school do better academically.  This is the foundation for success in life.   

To help, we are launching the Show Up Campaign to promote awareness of this issue. The Show Up Campaign will use positive reinforcement to recognize and incentivize kids who Show Up to school.  This lets our kids and parents know that we want them here, we care about them, and we’re here to help them Show Up!

Will You Show Up?

Parents, students, local businesses, and the entire school district are asked to do all they can to help our students Show Up to school more often.  We simply ask you to support our kids in this effort.

Show Up For Our Kids!

Are you willing to support our Show Up efforts? Please contact Tom Livezey, Superintendent at 231.788.7100 or via email @