Construction Update


Oakridge Public Schools is blessed to have a strong partnership with our community!  The purpose of this message is to provide an update on the construction projects throughout the district.  Many projects are coming to a close and I’m happy to share that all promised projects were completed at or under budget.  In fact, we will be able to complete more than we promised with the unspent Bond funds!  For your awareness, the 2019 Bond Steering Committee identified $30 million in facility needs but narrowed the scope to the most essential $16.2 million that the community voted to support.  We also used creative and innovative approaches, like the energy savings performance contract, to fund some improvements.  I’ll even point out that the pandemic created conditions for very competitive construction bids.  Our original bid packages came in significantly under budget allowing us to address more facility needs that aligned with the ballot language.  Lastly, we received Federal stimulus funding to improve our learning and working environment for students and staff.  

 Here is a list of all major and a few minor facility improvements that we are excited to announce.  All projects scheduled for completion by the end of Summer 2022 are noted.  All other projects are already completed.

Middle/High School

  1. Four new classrooms, corridor, and new lockers between MS & HS
  2. MS - 4 bathrooms renovation 
  3. MS - Auditorium renovation 
  4. MS - all classrooms new heating/AC
  5. MS - all lockers will be replaced, hallway/corridor ceilings replaced, touch-up wall/tile painting ((summer 2022 project.  Occupy date - August 22)
  6. HS - all classrooms get AC (summer 2022 project.  Occupy date - August 22)
  7. HS - new aux gym

Lower Elementary

  1. Six new classrooms + new office space 
  2. All classrooms heating/AC 
  3. New gym 

Upper Elementary

  1. Two new classrooms 
  2. Two classrooms renovated 
  3. Media center relocated/renovated 
  4. Add AC to sixth grade wing & cafeteria (summer 2022 project.  Occupy date - August 22)
  5. Added AC to all other classrooms 

Early Childhood Center (South Carr Building)

  1. South Carr windows replaced
  2. South Carr heating/AC units replaced 

North Carr Building Demolished

  1. The North Carr building will be razed (demolished).  
  2. New parking and parent/student drop off loop (site work, asphalt, drainage, curbs, lighting, safe walkways)(summer 2022 project.  Occupy date - August 22)
  3. Secure school buses on South Carr School property (asphalt, fencing, lighting, surveillance, site work, plus driver parking area) (summer 2022 project.  Occupy date - August 22)

For a site plan and more details, please visit the Carr Site Projects page.  

By the end of Summer 2022, ALL classrooms will have air conditioning (AC).  However, there will still be some spaces in our facilities that will not have AC.  In the future, we can explore funding opportunities to improve those spaces which include the HS main gym, MS gym, Upper Elementary gym, all hallways/corridors, locker rooms, and other misc small spaces.  

I want the community to know that we also use our general fund for general maintenance, replacement, and smaller improvements of our facilities.  For example, we have a schedule to replace the carpeting in 5-10 workspaces/classrooms annually.  Likewise, we annually schedule a number of spaces to repaint or resurface including gym floors and classroom/office walls.  

With all that said....this community should be proud of all that we have accomplished within our available funds.  Our community’s taxable value per pupil is ranked 524 out of about 540 school districts statewide so it is impossible for us to generate $100 million like you see some communities do.  Our needs far outweigh our means.  But, we are extremely thankful for our hard working community that supports our children and staff.  

 Thank you!  Oakridge PRIDE!  We’re in this together!

 Tom Livezey